Blue Woods

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Blue Woods is a region of Bird Island, divided into two zones.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The area is a deep mystical forest, with giant trees and mushrooms. But it's not all dark, as light floods through the leaves and branches, fairy lights twinkle and little streams and ponds sparkle. A thick bluish fog covers the ground level of the entire area. Nobody has ever dared to explore the mists, so everything in the forest is built in the canopy of the ginormous trees (bridges, platforms, tree stumps, tree houses etc.). Pig tourists take hot air balloon rides into the trees to see the sights.

The blue tribes used to inhabit this region and remnants of their dwellings can still be found here. Deep in the forest is also the secret lair of Wonder Bird, another former member of Eagle Force. She is still actively working as the Protector of Bird Island and has very little time or patience for visitors.

Notable sights[edit | edit source]

  • The treetop village of the ancient blues
  • An old rope bridge
  • Piggy camp site
  • The Skull Cave – the Blue Forest dungeon