Capt'n Thrush

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Capt'n Thrush
Flocker White Portrait 001.png
White bird supershots deal damage to all pigs in a column. The effect ends on contact with any non-pig obstacle.

Capt'n Thrush is a white angry bird in Angry Birds: Evolution.

Bio[edit | edit source]

Batten down the hatches, raise the mast, and plug all bung holes when Capt'n Thrush is on board!

When he isn't capturing landlubber postal workers and making them walk the plank, Capt'n Crush can be found enjoying a game of 'Blue Canary' on the poop deck.

Suffers from: restless peg syndrome

Evolutions[edit | edit source]

Flocker White Portrait 001.png
Flocker White Portrait 007.png