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Flocker White Portrait 015.png
White bird supershots deal damage to all pigs in a column. The effect ends on contact with any non-pig obstacle.

Hank is a white angry bird in Angry Birds: Evolution. He is also a fan if the player has the flocksburg eagles or rangin rockers leader abilitys

Bio[edit | edit source]

Hank is a self-made bird... literally!

With a lot of hard work and, uh, a few “protein shakes", this runt of the litter transformed himself into Bird Town's biggest beefcake.

Dark secret: when nobody’s looking, Hank cries like a newly-hatched chick at the chafing of his unnaturally bulky thighs.

Evolutions[edit | edit source]

Flocker White Portrait 015.png
Flocker White Portrait 021.png