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Huge enemies are a variant of pig enemies found in Angry Birds Evolution.

List[edit | edit source]

Name Attack Passives Faction
Rock Throw 
Throws a huge rock at the birds.
Crowd Control 
All small pigs in reach area are picked up and thrown with a rock at the birds. The damage increases with each pig.
Knock Out 
Throws an explosive barrel, deals light damage and stuns a bird for 1 turn.
Bacon Headz
Releases an ear splitting war cry, enraging all pigs within range who then jump on the birds to deal light damage.
Last Stand 
Becomes enraged when health falls below 50%.
Bacon Headz
This enormous monster constantly moves – until it stops to WHACK the bird for light damage and stuns the strongest bird for 1 turn.
Remote Controlled
Constantly moves around the battlefield in random directions
The titan stomps across the battlefield, shaking it violently and damaging all structures and birds with light damage.
Barrel Roll 
A powder keg is thrown at the birds causing damage, bouncing off them and falling onto the battlefield.
Drop Powder Keg 
The pig drops his powder keg when KO'd.
Throw Giant Snowball 
Throws a HUMONGOUS snowball, dealing light damage.
Jingle the Bells 
Summons TWO Christmas pigs!
Rock Throw 
Throws a huge rock at the birds.
Color Shield 
Raises a shield for 1-2 turns that only birds of his color can penetrate. Damage dealt by birds of other colors is reduced.
Color Bacon