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Jungle is a region of Bird Island and the only region NOT based on one of the five bird colors.

Overview[edit | edit source]

This region is the brightest and friendliest of all regions. It feels like being on holiday in the Caribbean, with lagoons and lush jungles and colorful plants and fruit hanging from the trees. Nevertheless there is room for some mystery, in form of pirate caves, abandoned lighthouses and jungle ruins.

Notable sights[edit | edit source]

  • Bird Town – the (mostly) peaceful home of the birds.
  • The Oinktagon – a large floating arena that is used for games of Pigball, the latest craze for more action-oriented birds on the island.
  • Mighty Eagle's Mountain, lake and cave – the home of Mighty Eagle, first of his name and the protector of Bird Island. Also contains his large collection of 70s memorabilia.
  • Old Lighthouse - a run-down remnant from the past, reclaimed by pigs as spy outpost
  • Derelict pig pirate ship
  • Major Pecker’s Daily Challenge