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Leveling and evolution is a feature of Angry Birds Evolution. Each new level increases the bird’s health and attack. Birds are leveled up by fusing other birds into them in the team manager screen. The higher the level and star rating of the fused bird is, the more XP will be gained during the fusion. If birds have matching colors, the XP value is doubled. If the bird is shiny (or is made shiny by using a Shiny Totem), it is also worth twice as much XP. As fusion costs gold, it is important to fuse away birds that are worth the most XP possible – this is especially crucial when birds reach higher levels.

Fusion[edit | edit source]

Bird Fusion is the process of leveling up a Bird by fusing another one into it - fused birds grant the original bird a fixed amount of experience based on it's Evolution, Tier and Level. This means that birds are needed as level up material, each Bird is thus valuable even if it's not strong enough for the main team. Each fusion costs soft currency, the amount depends on and increases exponentially with the bird's current level and rarity.

Fusion Calculations[edit | edit source]

The amount of fusion XP can be modified by the following factors:

  • Color Bonus: Birds of the same color give double fusion XP.
  • Shiny Bonus: Shiny birds give double fusion XP.
  • Booster Event Bonus: Birds affected by a fusion booster event give double fusion XP.
  • Clan Level Bonus: Leveling a clan gives varying amounts of bonus fusion XP.

Formula[edit | edit source]

The formula is as follows:

BirdFusionXP = BaseXp * (BaseMult + ColorMult + ShinyMult + BoosterMult + ClanMult)


  • BaseXp: The base amount of fusion XP the selected bird gives
  • BaseMult: The base XP multiplier. Value Is always 1.
  • ColorMult: The color multiplier. Value: 1
  • ShinyMult: The shiny multiplier. Value: 1
  • BoosterMult: The XP boster event multiplier. Value: 1
  • ClanMult: The clan level contribution multiplier. Value: 0.05 - 0.35.

The max possible fusion multiplier is thus 4.35.

Example Calculation[edit | edit source]

Assuming a red 1★ bird at level 1 as the target bird and a red, shiny 1★ bird at level 1 as the XP source bird. The red fusion XP booster event is active. My clan contribution is at level 12.

  1. BirdFusionXP = 125 * (1.0 + 1.0 + 1.0 + 1.0 + 0.35)
  2. BirdFusionXP = 125 * 4.35
  3. BirdFusionXP = 543.75
  4. BirdFusionXP = 544 (Rounded up)

Thus fusing this bird into the target bird gives him 544 XP.

Evolution[edit | edit source]

When a bird reaches its maximum level, it needs to be Evolved to unlock more progress. Evolution requires the player to spend color-specific evolution material for the first evolution and evolution essence for the subsequent super evolution stages. Only 4- and 5-star birds have super evolution stages and can be developed to the max level. Lower rarity birds max out at level 50. Evolution material can be found in small amounts around the map and by selling your birds. It’s main source is dungeons, which is also the only source for evolution essence. Each region has a specific dungeon that provides both resources in the corresponding color (i.e. desert region awards yellow resources etc)

Super Evolution[edit | edit source]

Super evolution also requires the player to pick a member of the evolution. After completing the trainer’s evolution quest (and spending the resources), the character is evolved into a version that matches the Eagle Force member (military style for Major Pecker etc).