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Scouting is a feature of Angry Birds Evolution. Players have three Scout Birds they can launch from Bird Village to investigate various pig shenanigans around the island. These are represented by Scout Markers that pop up randomly around the map and can be tapped to dispatch a scout to the location. Once a scout has been used, it will take time to recover unless the player uses an Energy Berry to revive it.

Opening a scout pack reveals various things ranging from various types of battles to treasure chests, bonus resources and collectibles. Opening up Event Scout Markers can also award event points and collectibles. As the player gains levels, new content is unlocked into the scout markers.

Battles found in scout markers cannot be replayed. All scout content will vanish from the map over time if not tapped on.

Available discoveries[edit | edit source]

Type Description Unlocks at
Random Battle A random PvE battle rewards a Dungeon Key if victorious. Player level 5
Co-op Battle Allows you to borrow another player’s bird for a random battle. Player level 4
Event Battle Only appear when an event is running. A customized version of a standard battle that awards event points. Player level 8
Golden Pig Battle A rare battle that contains a golden pig special enemy (which awards extra gold if defeated in time) Player level 10

Player level 17 increases chance to appear

Player level 22 adds double gold pigs

Player level 24 increases chance to appear

Random Boss Battle A battle against an individual boss pig enemy Player level 12
Wave Battle Three waves of enemies that need to be defeated with one health bar. Player level 13
Gem Pig Battle A rare battle that contains a diamond pig special enemy (which awards diamonds if defeated in time) Player level 14

Player level 21 increases chance to appear

Player level 25 adds double diamond pigs

Player level 28 increases chance to appear

Mini-Dungeon A special type of Dungeon that is generally smaller and shorter, but function exactly like Dungeons otherwise Player level 15
Cap’t Blacky Boss Battle A special kind of Boss Battle, gives chests as rewards. Player level 19
Basic Chest Contains gold, diamonds and evolution material Pass scout tutorial
Rare Chest Contains more gold, diamonds and evolution material than a basic chest Pass scout tutorial
Video Chest Player has to watch a video ad to open. Pass scout tutorial
Adventure A timed, automated “mission” for your characters that awards gold and diamonds. Player level 5

Player level 18 epic adventures

Player level 23 more epic adventures

Diamonds Hard currency Player level 16

Player level 20 higher chance

Player level 27 even higher chance

Gold Soft currency Player level 1
Event Collectible One event collectible. Only found when an event is running Player level 8
Quest Item One quest item needed for an active quest Player level 1
Event Score An amount of event points. Only found when an event is running. Player level 8
Evolution Material Resource for basic evolution Player level 1