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The team leader is a significant position of the player's team.

Overview[edit | edit source]

After defeating the Pig Daddy boss in the Black Crater, the player will be able to unlock the ability to assign one bird to be the team "leader". Each bird has a special ability that triggers when he/she is assigned to be the team leader. For most birds, it simply is a 30% boost in attack power for any bird in the team that shares his/her plumage/size. Some birds are part of a set and will trigger exclusive abilities when they are assigned to be the leader.

Assigning a Leader[edit | edit source]

The leftmost bird in the player's team will be designated as the team leader. To assign a leader, the player must access the team management screen, pick a bird from his/her inventory or in the active team slots, then drag him/her to the leftmost active team slot.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

If the player assigns a bird whose plumage matches the terrain of the battle site as the leader (for example, bringing black birds to a battle at the Black Crater), then assigns birds of the same plumage to take part in the team, all of those birds will gain a 130% attack power boost (100% boost for the birds' plumage matching the terrain of the battle site, followed by a 30% boost from the abovementioned typical leader ability), which becomes a huge advantage and an opportunity to inflict massive damage to enemies, with proper aiming.