White Mountains

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White Mountains is a region of Bird Island, divided into two zones.

Overview[edit | edit source]

This is a mountainous region, covered in ice and snow. The scenery stays interesting through many various snow and ice formations - from blue 'crystal' ice glaciers, frozen waterfalls and stalactites to soft powder snow - and also beautiful views of mountain ranges, placid lakes and frosty woods. The pig tourists flock here to ski on the impossibly steep mountains and to fix up pigs who fall down the impossibly steep mountains.

Strange things preserved in ice and strange ice shapes that remind of specific objects, as well as various dwellings like igloos and Tibetan style monastery ruins, left behind by the ancient White tribe who settled here to meditate and lead a spiritual life.

On the highest peak lies a lone monastery that serves as the residence of Master Beakagi, the mystical martial arts sensei of Eagle Force.

Notable sights[edit | edit source]

  • Piggy ski resorts
  • The Very High Mountain
  • Pagodas and other holy sites
  • The Ice Labyrinth, the area dungeon